Jed James, Gio Cruz and Fraser Jacs (BullDog Pit)

Jed James, Gio Cruz and Fraser Jacs (BullDog Pit)

BULLDOG PIT   Inviting us into the steam room, Fraser shows us the way to get some ass, in vivid close-up detail! Jed and Givanne are already teasing each other, rock hard cocks beneath their towels, Gio exposes first, a dark, thick piece of meat that you can’t wait to get your mouth around, and Jed’s throbbing member, bulging head all ready to explode. The sight of each others’ tattooed torsos…

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Duke & Tanner: Bareback (SeanCody)

Duke & Tanner: Bareback (SeanCody)

SEANCODY                         SEANCODY  

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JP Dubois and Seth Knight (UK Hot Jocks)

JP Dubois and Seth Knight (UK Hot Jocks)

UK HOT JOCKS   It’s been a long day and Seth can’t wait to get out of the office and get home. Thinking his day is over he pushes himself away from his desk, only to have an enormous stack of paperwork is dumped in front of him. “Wha-what is this?” he mutters in disbelief. JP tells him that it all needs done by that night, no excuses. Seth objects but is told he has no choice, JP is pulling a…

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Handsome Muscle Stud, Martin Matousek - A Newcummer (ManAvenue)

Handsome Muscle Stud, Martin Matousek – A Newcummer (ManAvenue)



This new naked hunk is almost too much to handle.Blow your load watching him strutting around the room with a full hardon, stopping periodically to flex and pose – just the way we like it.

Martin sits back on the sofa, plays with his straight hole a bit, then moves around some more allowing us to get great views of his hard dick.

After plenty of teasing, he stands up, blows a huge…

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(via Braxton & Wren RAW (ChaosMen))
(via Fuck my ass Dude! (Fraternity X))
(via PRIVATE SETH (All American Heroes))

PRIVATE SETH (All American Heroes)

PRIVATE SETH (All American Heroes)


Seth is sporting the T-shirt he got while serving in the Army National Guard. The grey cotton is stretched to its limit by his bulging biceps and huge chest. He comes from a
long line of military men and wanted to carry on the family tradition. He decided that joining the military would also be a great way to get out of his small town and get more experience in the world.…

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Fuck my ass Dude! (Fraternity X)

Fuck my ass Dude! (Fraternity X)


Another freshman hole

served up! After an epic blowout last weekend, this freshman pledge was

begging for dick. A bunch of guys piled into his bedroom, and started

taking turns on this dude’s hole. Kid was plastered! Couldn’t even

hold his liquor. What a little bitch.





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Braxton & Wren RAW (ChaosMen)

Braxton & Wren RAW (ChaosMen)


This is one of those videos with an outtake at the end that kinda shows why the video is somewhat shorter than others. It explains a lot, after the fact. Don’t read on if you don’t like spoilers.I had finally got Braxton talked into sucking cock, and just after about 3 minutes of him sucking on Wren’s cock, he nuts in his mouth.  No real warning, though I did think that Wren’s foot was…

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Marine Quinn in Uniform (ActiveDuty)

Marine Quinn in Uniform (ActiveDuty)

ACTIVE DUTY   Active Duty’s Quinn was an old drinking buddy of director Dink Flamingo, before Dink got him in front of the camera. (If you go back and watch his first solo video, you can tell that neither one of them were totally ready to do the scene. lol.)   







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Ground and Pound with Alexander Greene, Colton Fitch (Extra Big Dicks)

Ground and Pound with Alexander Greene, Colton Fitch (Extra Big Dicks)

EXTRA BIG DICKS   These big dicked young men are eager to get the ground and pound into full overdrive. Alexander has a huge thick cock that Colton takes like a champ. Colton’s small round ass is so cute and perfectly ready for that thick piece of meat. Colton is a great bottom and can’t get enough of Alexander pumping deep into his ass. One big uncut cock for a small entry is glorious to see…

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Dolan Wolf and Danny Montero (EuroCreme)

Dolan Wolf and Danny Montero (EuroCreme)

EUROCREME     Called to the Deacon’s office, the church itself takes on a darker atmosphere, and the office itself seems to call out to darkness. Danny is there on his knees, but not in prayer, a worship of another kind.. With the Deacon Dolan standing over him, the man’s dick is clearly seen in the boys mouth and we all know what’s going on here. Bearded Dolan is taking full control of Danny,…

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Straight Mates - Hunky Canadian Shane Phillips (BentleyRace)

Straight Mates – Hunky Canadian Shane Phillips (BentleyRace)

BENTLEY RACE   Before my sexy mate Shane Phillips finished his Australian vacation I had one more chance to have the Canadian stud model for me. 25 year old Shane looks great in a jockstrap, and even better out of it. I love Shane’s chunky build and I’d love to bury my face in that blond bush. After stripping and posing for a whole lot of photos I pulled out some porn on my laptop so Shane could…

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Impatient For Cock with Alec Leduc, Benjamin D’Amour (Men Of Montreal)

Impatient For Cock with Alec Leduc, Benjamin D’Amour (Men Of Montreal)

MEN OF MONTREAL   These boys were impatient. So impatient that Alec Leduc and Benjamin D’Amour decided to start without the filming crew! We were running a bit late and the guys had already checked in to the hotel room we were shooting in.When we got there, they had already started. Alec was on his knees sucking away at Benjamin’s sizable cock, sucking back pretty deep. Needless to say that this…

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